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Canada: Low Cost, High Quality Care

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If you're looking for a convenient, low-cost alternative to U.S. healthcare, you can't do much better than take a trip to Canada. The northern nation has a great reputation for its excellent hospitals and beats the US on statistical outcomes for several major procedures. What's more, you can receive your treatment in beautiful surroundings and get a proper break from day-to-day life, giving you the opportunity to make a full recovery.

Why choose Canada for travel and treatment?

Accessing medical treatment in Canada is simple and traveling there couldn't be easier. There's no need to worry about language barriers but you'll still get to enjoy the experience of being somewhere with a distinctly different culture. Straightforward payment systems mean you're unlikely to encounter hidden costs. Hospital staff are highly trained and good at anticipating your concerns. It's easy to find pleasant accommodation without straining your wallet.

Medical Facilities in Canada

Toronto Ontario Candada Skyline

Canada is a great choice for a range of procedures including cancer treatment, organ transplants and heart surgery. Survival and recovery rates are high. The average cost of inpatient treatment is just $10.373, making it considerably cheaper that the US alternative.

Canada also has an excellent record for treating kidney disease, even in the late stages of the condition, with a mortality rate almost half that of the US. After the in-hospital treatment, you'll find that your prescribed medication is cheaper too.

Canada's Hospitals and International Standards of Care

Modern Hospital in Canada

For convenience, most US visitors choose to stay in Ontario or British Columbia, but there are impressive hospitals in all of Canada's major cities. Canada has high standards of hospital regulation which mean that everything is kept very clean and equipment is rarely recycled for use on more than one patient. Doctors are also carefully licensed and regulated. You can always be sure of getting first rate professional care.


Convalescence in Canada

Kayaking in Canada

Recovering from medical procedures in Canada is aided by the fact that there are plenty of relaxing activities for you to enjoy. All of the country's major cities are within easy reach of attractive countryside, often with lakes and forests surrounded by nature trails. In the cities themselves there are great museums and galleries to visit, with public transport systems making it easy to get around. You can also enjoy watching world class sporting events.

Outside of the cities, Canada is full of spas and recovery centers situated in beach, mountain and other pleasing locations.

Canada Travel Information

Canada's Amazing Wildlife, Polar Bear

With US visitors to Canada able to save thirty to sixty percent in comparison to health costs at home, it's always a practical choice, even for those on a budget. Good hotels in Toronto start at around $80 a night but those in other cities are often cheaper. The really good news is that, provided your stay lasts for less that 180 days, you don't need to worry about a visa. You won't need to worry about an electricity adaptor either. The local currency is the Canadian dollar, with a variable exchange rate that places it at sixty to a hundred percent of the value of a US dollar. Changing currency is easy and you will still be able to use your usual credit cards.


Canada Quick Facts

English, French
Population 33,759,742
Currency Canadan Dollar (CAD$)
Capital Ottawa
Major Airports Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL)
Calgary International Airport (YYC)

Electricity 110 volts 60 Hz

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