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Incredible India for Medical Vacations

With an abundance of breathtaking scenery, magnificent religious monuments, remarkable diversity and the warm hearts of its people, incredible India offers a truly enchanting experience. Along with its traveler appeal, India has become a major destination for low-cost medical care at top international standards.

Why choose India for travel and treatment?

From the romantic sands and crystal beaches of Goa, to the awe-inspiring resplendence of the Taj Mahal, to tantalizing regional cuisine, India truly delivers on all fronts for the budding medical or health tourist. Perched at the heart South Asia, next to the pristine Maldives, and a short skip from oriental South East Asia, India’s global centrality makes it a fast, easy destination to reach from any end of the earth, from the US to the UK and beyond. Immersed in its sultry climate, you’ll relish in India’s colorful culture, the pace of New Delhi, the magnitude of glorious Bombay, and the effortless enchantment of Agra and Rajasthan. India is home to an abundance of cutting-edge facilities employing internationally trained and highly skilled doctors and surgeons, while medical care costs in India are attractively affordable.

Medical Facilities in India

Medical and health tourism has become a popular form of vacationing for many global travelers, a unique opportunity which provides a pioneering combination of enhanced health and wellbeing, with the additional therapeutic benefit of an international holiday setting well away from your typical daily routine. Medical offerings in India are comprehensive, specializing in the full spectrum of surgical and high-end medical procedures. India caters to its guests with a range of medical packages from eye and dental care, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic and heart surgery to IVF procedures. Specialties extend across neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, gynecology, general medicine and general surgery, to name but a few.

India's Hospitals and International Standards of Care

Sporting a reputation for health services from highly trained medical professionals at extremely low costs, it’s little wonder that over 150,000 medical tourists flocked to India in 2009, a figure that rises by 15% each year. Western medical tourists are particularly drawn to India for the high-level English in the medical profession and to avoid waiting lists in home countries. State-of-the-art medical equipment, modern hospitals, board-certified surgeons and world-class standards of nursing set India on par with other Asian medical destinations such as Thailand and Singapore. Savings are incredibly attractive, with most procedures often amounting to just 1/5 of the costs in Western nations such as the UK or the US.

Convalescence in India

Post procedure, India offers a wealth of recovery options and locations conducive to recuperation. Along with aftercare service from hospitals, convalescence programs may incorporate traditional yoga, Ayurvedic massage and meditation retreats and spa techniques.

India Travel Information

Visas are required to enter India and must be organized prior to travel. India offers a one-year extendable medical visa for those getting treatment at government-recognized facilities. Tourist visas for most countries are for six months, while US citizens can obtain five- and ten-year tourist visas. English is the norm in the medical field and it is also widespread in major cities. Hindi is the official language, and English is a secondary official language of the country. Living costs are extremely low for travelers from nations such as Japan, Germany, the UK and the US. The currency is Indian the rupee. Electrical power is 220 volts, so visitors from the USA and Canada will need voltage adaptors.

India Quick Facts

Languages Hindi 41%, English: Official 2nd Language
Population 1,156,897,766
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Capital Delhi
Major Airports Deli: Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
Mumbai: Chattrapathi Shivaji Intl (BOM)
Bangalore: Bengaluru Intl (BLR)
Electricity 230 volts 50 Hz
Time Zone UTC/GMT +5.5

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