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Slovenia Country Summary – High-Class, Modern Healthcare in a Land of Natural Beauty.

As a destination for Medical Tourism, Slovenia is fast growing in popularity. With its high standard of healthcare and diverse landscapes which encompass mountains, forests, coastlines and lakes, Slovenia is a beautiful yet accessible destination for Medical Tourists. Rich in culture and natural wonders, this small piece of Europe is a perfect destination for all types of tourist including those looking for excellence in treatment at very affordable prices.

Why Choose Slovenia for travel and Treatment?

From its ever changing landscapes to its towns full of diverse architecture and urban design, Slovenia is a land of variety. However you choose to recuperate after your medical care, Slovenia has something to offer. Whether you wish to take a stroll through a virgin forest, climb to an upland meadow and take in the view of the gorges below or relax and unwind by a stunning lake or small brook, there is a wealth of outdoor experiences open to you. If city life is more your style, discover the rich heritage of Slovenia's spectacular cities and towns, perhaps enjoying a gastronomic delight or two along the way. Or treat yourself and check into one of Slovenia's 15 certified natural health spas and indulge in some pampering. Conveniently located, friendly and welcoming and with a cost effective, high-class, modern healthcare system, gorgeous Slovenia is a great destination for any Medical Tourist to explore!

Medical Facilities in Slovenia

Around 30,000 people visit Slovenia every year for medical procedures at a far lesser cost than in Western Europe. Slovenia has a good standard of compulsory state funded healthcare and is available to all citizens and long-term residents. Private healthcare is also available in the country. All employed citizens and their employers contribute to the system and most Slovenes also pay a voluntary contribution. This system of funding means that Slovenia enjoys clean, modern healthcare facilities on a par with the rest of Europe. Clinics are well equipped and shared equally between state and private practitioners. The Slovenian Association of Medical Tourism estimates that medical tourists spend an average of 1.169 Euros on medical and dental treatments such as porcelain crowns, plastic surgery or dental implants. The standard of care is very high with Doctors and Specialists trained to an exceptional level. Many hospitals and clinics have multi-lingual staff and cater for medical tourist seeking a wide range of treatments.

Slovenia Hospitals and International Standards of Care

If you make the decision to travel to Slovenia for any type of medical procedure, you will find the facilities available there extremely impressive. The health care system is a major priority for Slovenia and there is a countrywide set of high standards all hospitals must adhere to. Slovenia spends a larger proportion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare than the UK and as a result has more healthcare beds and more doctors per 1000 people. The Slovenian Association of Medical Tourism works on the principle of maintaining high levels of service at competitive prices and steadily building their reputation. It's a strategy that works, with an ever increasing number of people visiting Slovenia for treatment each year. Medical Practitioners undertake intensive study with the basic medical degree course taking six years. Doctors must then undertake two more years of supervised practice before their degree is awarded.

Convalescence in Slovenia

Slovenia has a very positive approach to healthcare and patients overall wellbeing is treated with equal importance to their medical health. So as well as being a beautiful country to explore or convalesce in after your medical procedure, Slovenia also boasts a number of certified natural health resorts combining alternative therapies with the latest in modern medical practices. This means that if you travel to Slovenia for medical treatment, you are likely to experience a complete and holistic package of treatment making the whole experience more enjoyable and rejuvenating.


Slovenia Travel Information

As a location for treatment abroad, Slovenia is easily accessible. Travellers can fly with low cost airlines and railways and highways connect it with neighbouring countries. Slovenes are very thorough in learning foreign languages to make themselves understood. The majority of people can speak good English and most have a good grasp of German. There are many fluent Italian speakers in the areas bordering Italy. A visa is not necessary for US, EU, Israel and Japan nationals staying for up to 90 days. The cost of living in Slovenia is relatively cheap compared with Western European countries with a trip on public transport costing around USD $0.50 and a good three course meal costing under USD $15.

Slovenia Quick Facts

Languages Slovene (Hungarian and Italian are recognised regional languages)]
Population 2,048,951
Currency Euro
Capital Ljubljana
Major Airports Ljubljana (LJU)
Maribor (MBX)
Portorož (POW)
Electricity 230 Volts 50 Hz

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