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Mexico: High-grade Medical Care with Minimal Cost and Wait

Magnificent Mexico is home to a rich and dazzling array of sights and sensations, breathtaking beauty and remarkable scenery. From ancient Mayan ruins, decadent beaches, sparkling coastlines, tantalizing cuisine and low travel and living costs make Mexico a smart choice for the budding leisure traveler or medical tourist.

Why choose Mexico for travel and treatment?

Relish in the sparkling blue waters of Puerto Vallarta, the gorgeous peaks of the Baja California Peninsula, the hum and rumble of Mexico City, its enchanting entertainment and rich, lavish culture. Just a hop and skip across the southern border of the USA, and a small jump away from the multitudinous nations of South America, Mexico’s ease of accessibility close to major ports of entry make it an appealing choice for travelers from the USA, Canada and developed countries across the world. With its tropical, salubrious weather and inviting pace and lifestyle, traveling through greater Mexico is a tourist’s delight. Additionally, Mexico affords an opportunity for high-grade medical care and procedures for just a fraction of the cost you’d find in the US and other developed nations.

Medical Facilities in Mexico

One of the world’s major health destinations, Mexico’s health system is ranked as a high-grade World Health Organization medical provider, supplying a variety of cutting edge hospitals and medical facilities, services and accredited, board-certified surgeons, general practitioners and specialist health professionals. Mexico offers a range of specialist procedures, including cosmetic surgery, dentistry, hip and knee replacement, orthopedic surgery, cardiac and eye surgery.

Mexico's Hospitals and International Standards of Care

Over two million Americans seek heath and medical support from Mexico each year, a figure steadily on the rise. The US-Mexico border is considered one of the best locations for specialist procedures, particularly the top grade hospitals and facilities of Tijuana. With next to no waiting lists, Mexico has become an incredibly attractive medical option for visitors from developed countries, with procedures and pharmaceuticals costing up to 75% less than process expected in the USA, Europe and the UK.

Convalescence in Mexico

Post-procedure, medical visitors will be well poised to make the most of Mexico’s natural splendor and relaxing, recreational settings, such as resorts, spa recuperation facilities and luxurious accommodation. Mexico’s medical tourism affords a pioneering combination of enhanced health and wellbeing, with the additional therapeutic benefit of an international holiday setting well away from your typical daily routine.

Mexico Travel Information

Visas are not required for passage into Mexico, with a valid passport the only requirement for international visitors. It is recommended that travelers obtain a Mexican Tourist Card upon entry (la forma migratoria para turista). Tourists are entitled to a maximum period of 180 days without a visa—check with a Mexican consulate for current information. A fee of US$22 is payable upon exit from Mexico customs. Cost of living is generous, with most travelers able to live on around US$40 - $50 per day. Spanish is the primary language, while English is widely spoken across the country. Currency is Pesos. Electricity is the same voltage as the USA—120 volts, so visitors from the UK and Europe will require an adapter.

Mexico Quick Facts

Languages Spanish 92.7%, English
Population 111,211,789
Currency Mexican peso (MXN)
Capital Mexico City
Major Airports Mexico City Intl Airport (MEX)
Cancùn Intl Airport (CUN)
Guadalajara Intl Airport (GDL)
Electricity 120 volts 60 Hz
Time Zone UTC/GMT -6 (DST -5)

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