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Having any type of surgery can be daunting, not to mention expensive. However, if you do require surgery, there are ways to make the experience more bearable. With the rising costs of surgery in the United States and Canada, it's no wonder that more people from North America and elsewhere are starting to look beyond their home countries for affordable and safe surgical options. After all, those from Australia and the UK have already been successfully traveling abroad for surgery for years. Countries such as South Africa and Argentina offer the same high standards as hospitals back home, but with significant differences in price - cost savings can be huge, the environment more comfortable, and there's a lot less arguing with one's insurance company to cover the costs of surgery!

Whether the surgery that you require is an urgent medical procedure such as a hip replacement or a gastric bypass; cosmetic surgery like breast implants or rhinoplasty, there is a definite advantage to looking towards surgery abroad. With an ever-growing rate of medical tourism worldwide, going overseas to have a procedure done has never been easier.

About Surgery Abroad

Because hospitals and doctors are accustomed to seeing patients from distant countries, making arrangements in English is frequently possible and many doctors, especially in South American countries, have benefited from training in the United States and in Europe. Especially in Argentina and Thailand, where dental professionals are often using the most contemporary equipment when handling dental implants and crowns, you may even benefit from higher quality surgical equipment than at home.

A primary concern for those who are candidates for medical tourism, as well as their families, is the level of safety that comes with opting to go elsewhere for surgery. This is, of course, an understandable concern. Travel to foreign countries for leisure purposes itself can be overwhelming, requiring visitors to adapt to culture shock, unfamiliar surroundings and a change in climate. When faced with the prospect of undergoing surgery abroad many may find themselves uncertain or overwhelmed. But it is important to look at the numerous advantages of choosing to have your surgery outside of your home country.

Benefits of Surgery in other Countries

Many countries can offer an affordable lifestyle, pleasant climate and great facilities for both undergoing and recovering from surgery. There are thousands a year who go to Thailand just for the affordable and high-quality dentistry available; the vast majority report excellent experiences, fair prices, and above all a marked improvement in health. Particular destinations often offer facilities and staff specialized in specific types of surgery. Argentina, for example, where the locals are known for their good looks, is home to a multitude of cosmetic surgeons. If the most wealthy and well-off locals in the Paris of South America feel safe entrusting these doctors with their tummy tucks, breast implants, liposuction, and facelifts, then you should too! It's worth noting that these are people who could afford to travel anywhere in the world, yet opt for surgery in their home country.

For those who aren't interested in a trip to South America, a number of different European countries offer affordable surgery options and flights that can sometimes cost a fraction of flying to far flung destinations. The growing medical tourism industry of Poland boasts prices at 70 percent lower than many other cities around the world. Spain continues to offer service so good, it attracts even those from Scandinavian countries, where the standard of health care is very high. Even with a World Health Organization ranking that places it amongst the top 10 countries in terms of healthcare, Spain still manages to provide incredible deals for patients, especially where egg donors for IVF are concerned.

Going abroad for surgery can be one of the best decisions you've ever made for your wallet, your body, and your peace of mind. Whatever type of surgery you require, make sure you research all the options before settling on a course of action.


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